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5 Star Rating
Anonymous from on 8/23/2018 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Excellent and fast"

5 Star Rating
JODY ORTON from franklin on 7/31/2018 for an auto service of their 2012 Ford Edge and their testimonial is:

"AMAZING service"

"I can not say enough about how AMAZING the service I received was!! I stopped by, no appointment, to ask a question and Trevor acted like I was the only customer they had. He answered all questions and helped with trouble shooting. When I took my car back in for service, they did the inspection, called within an hour with all recommendations and price OUT THE DOOR, and everything was done by the end of the day. He knew I needed my car for work and made sure it was done, and done well. As a woman, I was not spoken down to nor did I once feel like I was being given the run around! As a single mom, having a reliable car for kiddos and work is a must. I will not have any more service done at my expensive dealership; will go back to Grassland CCC EVERYTIME! "
5 Star Rating
Mike Janes from franklin on 7/31/2018 for an auto service of their 2006 Lexus ES 330 and their testimonial is:

"The best"

"Go to Grassland they are the best around."
5 Star Rating
Jacob from on 7/16/2018 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Highly recommend"

"Great customer service. Would definitely recommend."
5 Star Rating
SHELLY FRANCIS from franklin on 7/14/2018 for an auto service of their 2004 Cadillac DeVille and their testimonial is:

"Excellent service"

"Excellent service and fantastic auto repair shop!"
5 Star Rating
Doris Davis from franklin on 7/12/2018 for an auto service of their 2011 Toyota RAV4 and their testimonial is:

"Very satisfied"

"Staff very helpful! Work has been completed on time. I am very satisfied."
5 Star Rating
Stacey from franklin on 7/11/2018 for an auto service of their 2015 Lexus GX 460 and their testimonial is:

"Honest and efficient"

"Honest, quality, it feels right when walk in the door. Great Guys"
5 Star Rating
TERRY/ANALEE PINNEGAR from franklin on 5/17/2018 for an auto service of their 2012 Kia Sorento and their testimonial is:

"TRUSTWORTHY, FAIR, and without BS."

"Another pleasant experience dealing with Tim and the guys at GCCC. Perhaps most impressive is their willingness, and ability, to explain to us non-mechanical types exactly WHAT the problem is and WHY the suggested fix is appropriate. Most recently, Tim explained why a more expensive repair DIDN'T need to be done. A lot of places wouldn't do that. Not necessarily the cheapest place, but TRUSTWORTHY, FAIR, and without BS. Highly recommended."
5 Star Rating
CHRIS HANCOCK from franklin on 3/1/2018 for an auto service of their 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt and their testimonial is:

"Above the rest"

"GRASSLAND CARE CARE is head and shoulders (not the shampoo) above the rest. My family has been taking all our vehicles for years now. They've always been great to us. But with Tim Burke at the front of the house, Trevor and a team great technicians, they're cooking with gas. You WILL get: honest and accurate assessments, fair prices, exceptional, fully guaranteed work {parts and labor}, in a timely manner, AND they have a fleet of loaner cars. They will go to bat for you if you have pre-existing manufacturer or dealer guarantees that present roadblocks, and refer you out to reputable places for work they cannot perform themselves. Most recently, my 2007 Chevy Cobalt with borderline high mileage (a beater, yes, but a paid for daily driver) turned out to need approx $2000 worth of work out of nowhere-- not counting being well overdue for a tune up. I don't know much about car mechanics and they know that. A lesser, more profit-first oriented shop would have passively, if not overtly, tried to convince me to do the work to keep it running. Instead, they dispassionately helped me assess whether it was worth doing ANY of it. They helped me decide that in this case it was probably not. I paid for an oil change and kept nearly 2K in my pocket to put towards a new vehicle. How many shops would do that?? I won't even mention that they alone have kept my 1976 AMC Pacer running where other shops bullshitted me, or just failed. Bottom line: Grassland Care Care puts the customer and service first, and as a result, they'll have my business as long as I live here. I defy you to find a better shop. Don't even try. Waste of time. Peace out. "
5 Star Rating
Ben Guidry from franklin on 1/11/2018 for an auto service of their 1997 Toyota Tacoma and their testimonial is:

"Do good work"

"super honest, fair and knowledable."

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5 Star Rating
Keith Glatzer from 08/12/2021:
"I finally found a local mechanic that is honest, great and actually gets customer service. I recently bought a used Toyota 4Runner for my 16 year old son as his first car. I knew purchasing an older car with high miles would require that I invest in some maintenance to the vehicle in order to ensure the safety for my kid. Jeff and the Grassland team are exceptional at both their jobs and the service they provide. I have already recommended to several friends."
5 Star Rating
Caitlin Townsend from 07/02/2021:
"As a young, adult female, I’ve always been warned about untrustworthy car sales and repairmen, but when I go here, I know that I’ll be taken care of well and genuinely. Especially with Jeff who has become a family friend over the years as we have continued to come back again and again because of the high quality kindness and help he’s always given us. Thank you Grassland Car Care for giving us Jeff and such amazing experiences ever time!"
5 Star Rating
Charles Brown from 08/04/2021:
"Very professional in their approach in dealing with customers. Very well trained staff of mechanics and technicians. I had confidence from the beginning that the vehicle was being well maintained. Great experience!"
5 Star Rating
Madeleine from 06/18/2021:
"The staff at Grasslands, Jeff the GM in particular, was so efficient, professional and caring! I was having an issue with my car and they were able to fit me in and take a look, even though they were so busy. I felt like they truly cared about my safety and my experience- I won’t be taking any of my cars anywhere but Grassland!"
5 Star Rating
Rob Zaegel from 04/24/2021:
"My BMW is 10 years old with only 30,000 miles. Grassland has been my go-to provider after the free dealer maintenance expired. They do a great job on the services requested (like oil changes) and then make reasonable recommendations on general items that need to be done. They never push too many things or fail to tell me about something important. Not only are their prices good, but I trust them to do a good job and keep my car up to date."